Fungsi Intelijen dalam Menanggulangi Ancaman Siber pada Sistem InformasiKomisi Pemilihan Umum (KPU)


  • I Wayan Eka Oktaviana


E-government has been developed in various forms of information system applicationsby General Election Commission (KPU). KPU has implemented an information system invarious stages of the election, from preparation to implementation. However, theimplementation of the information system by KPU has not been optimal because of cyberthreats on KPU's information system during election. For this reason, the purpose of thisresearch is to know the forms and factors that cause cyber threats in KPU’s informationsystems and the implementation of intelligence functions in overcoming these cyberthreats. The research approach used is qualitative, while the research method used isdescriptive. The threat arises because of vulnerability in the aspects of people, processand information technology systems of the KPU. Threats on integrity and availabilityaspect have the most significant effects and The dominant factor that causes the threatis weakness of human resource that maintains the system. Intelligence function has beencarried out by the Cyber Intelligence Deputy of the State Intelligence Agency (BIN) inorder to carry out the role of early detection and warnings for various cyber threats onKPU's information system,
Keywords: Information System, KPU, Cyber Threat, Information Security, IntelligenceFunction